Favorite On The Go Snacks + RXBAR Giveaway.

If you missed my current "what I eat in a day," click HERE. In this post, I'll be sharing some of my favorite on the go items with y'all that are not only delicious, but lower [net] carb as well (if you're doing that sort of thing). With work getting busier, I've been finding myself … Continue reading Favorite On The Go Snacks + RXBAR Giveaway.

‘Sunday Morning’ Oatmeal Pancakes [GF]

Breakfast is probably my favorite part of the day. Today I amĀ sharing with youĀ one of my favoriteĀ recipesĀ that I am bringing over from the 'former' Nutritiously Sweet. It's perfect for your family's Sunday morning breakfast - or any time!I like to prepare the batter over night (you made need to add just a smidge extra liquid … Continue reading ‘Sunday Morning’ Oatmeal Pancakes [GF]