Full Day of Eating: Low Carb.

Shocking disclaimer; I am not a doctor. I know many of you enjoyed my previous low carb, "what I ate" post, so I decided to write up another since I recently bumped up my carbs. Now, I'm still considered "low carb" (20% of my macros comes from carbs) so I figured I'd share what my … Continue reading Full Day of Eating: Low Carb.

‘Sunday Morning’ Oatmeal Pancakes [GF]

Breakfast is probably my favorite part of the day. Today I am sharing with you one of my favorite recipes that I am bringing over from the 'former' Nutritiously Sweet. It's perfect for your family's Sunday morning breakfast - or any time!I like to prepare the batter over night (you made need to add just a smidge extra liquid … Continue reading ‘Sunday Morning’ Oatmeal Pancakes [GF]