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Samantha’s Favorites [4 Months Old]

Samantha’s NEW Favorites [6 Months Old]

“Day in the Life of Mom & Baby ” [6 Months Old]

Mommy & Baby Favorites [5-7 Months Old]

Things I Wish I Knew Before Becoming A Mom

Mommy & Baby Favorites [9-10 Months Old]20161117_140452We Officially Have A One Year Old

Toddler Favorites [17 Months Old]

New Toys & Products [19 Months Old]

Toddler Room “Tour” + De-cluttering My Home

“Day In The Life” of Mommy & Toddler

Mommy’s Weekly Routine; Part SAHM, Part Working Mom

Samantha Turns Two

25152399_10103263227512770_9001783999303221680_nMOM OF THREE LIFE

Preschool/ Homeschool Learning Ideas & Resources

Preschool/ Homeschool “Routine”

Weekly #MomLife Routinesleepy1“Day In The Life” w/ Three Kids Under Thre

Morning Routine w/ Three Kids

Nighttime Routine w/ Three Kids

Things I Currently Can’t Live Without: Kid’s Edition