Low Buy July [2022].

Typically, I do a “No Spend” November or “NospendVember” for kicks.wp-16021995444421093066524040225249.jpgBut one of my new favorite Minimalist Youtubers, Christina Mychas, shared that she was going to be doing a “low buy” July.

I decided to opt in.wp-1618170420000.jpgLately, I’ve been trying to find way to save money here and there.

Since I’m not working as much, I don’t need as many “convenience” or pre-packaged items. I will still buy some here and there like these protein bars.wp-1642006933160Here is a list of some other ways I’m saving money:

  1. Limiting Convenience Foods (prepackaged nuts, iced teas, protein bars, etc.).
  2. Limiting Starbucks/ “take out” coffee runs to once a week.
  3. Limiting dine outs to once a week.
  4. Working out at home vs. paying nursery fees at gym.
  5. Meal prep. Meal prep. MEAL PREP! (trying to get back into it).
  6. Use Ibotta or some other grocery reward app (it really does add up),
  7. Delete e-mail temptations; UNSUBSCRIBE from your favorite stores – this has been such a game changer!wp-1643161297381

What are some tips or tricks you use to save money?


6 thoughts on “Low Buy July [2022].

  1. That’s the cutest little takeaway coffee cup haha it’s so small 🥰I’m the worst for ordering the largest sized cups because I think I’m saving money that way. Most days I still get XL steeped tea and it’s a habit I need to quit. It adds up fast.

    As for protein bars, snack bars, cereal bars etc. I don’t actually buy them, but I still occasionally buy chocolate bars. Trying to quit that habit. I buy them mostly for my daughter but I know this is an excuse for me to eat it. Recently switched to 85% dark chocolate so that’s all I buy now for chocolate. I can’t eat any more than a couple of pieces because it’s so bitter.


    1. Haha, it was a small coffee (they only do small and large at this shop). It’s definitely hard to not just get bigger to get your money’s worth + it’s usually “just a few cents more.” It really does add up, but remember just take it one day at a time! 🌿

      That is a good trick to do with the chocolate! I find that the “richer” a dessert tastes, the less you need which is helpful to not overeat it. 🙂


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