I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how my workouts have changed over the last few weeks.

I’ve been focusing more on yoga [and other bodyweight exercises] as well as going back to my Strength + HIIT E-Guide. As I’ve been going through the guide, I find myself modifying or removing some moves to have “less” in the workout. This has allowed me to now only workout in less time, but also focus on better form.

It got me thinking, where else am I applying “less?”

I’ve been going less on social media.

Focusing on less commitment at work to make room for what matters most; my children.

I’ve also been spending less on “non-essentials.”


I’ve thought twice if not three times on where my money goes.

Thinking about how much time I had to invest at work to “buy” that item. While I’ve been spending a bit more money on groceries (cooking home way more) and extracurricular activities (for my oldest), these are things that matter to me.

Nourishing my body as well as my families.

Helping my oldest become more focused by starting her in Karate.

While there is nothing wrong with buying candles or other “non-essential” items, for me I really want to focus on becoming debt-free (minus mortgage).

While yes I’ll still be buying candles here and there or other “non-essential” items, I want to maintain a strong focus on my debt-free journey and setting myself up for the future.Pilates MobYou know, one day at a time.

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