NSM: April 2022.

Oh yes she is back at it.

For April, I’m going to embark on another “No Spend Month” or NSM for short. Now a NSM doesn’t mean I am not going to but NOTHING for a whole month.

What it means is that I am going to be more intentional of my purchases and eliminate as many unnecessary spends.


This year with my tax refund, I manage to pay off some of the debt that I accrued over the last 7 years as well as put a bit of money towards my emergency fund.

Unfortunately, a good chunk of my debt was from my marriage. We just made very poor decisions and overall, were not very smart with money. While I won’t give exact amounts of my debt or current savings, Let’s just say I put myself in a better position to start saving more.

I felt like I wanted to carry on the “good money” momentum to the next month by doing another NSM.wp-1642813083229One day at a time, right?

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