Morning Routine.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated my morning routine.

In my last post, I shared FIVE habits that have allowed me to live a more simple lifestyle. One of those habits?

Building a morning routine.

I wanted to update my current morning routine as my kids are much older and we also have to a first grader to get ready for school.

Here’s what my current solo morning routine with three kids (6, 4 & 4) looks like.

5:45-6:00: My oldest wakes up and [9 out of 10 times] wakes up her siblings as well. They’ll usually play or read for a bit before they bug me that they are hungry for breakfast.wp-1647129087612#mom life 😀

During this time, my oldest will also get dressed for school.

What makes it easier is that we typically pick her clothes out the night before to make the morning go a bit smoother.

6:15: Wake up for the day, go to the bathroom, brush my teeth and wash my face.

6:30: Light a candle and get some cozy vibes going.wp-16465125060766:35: Drink about 16oz. of water and make the bed. As I mentioned before, I DO like to let the bed air out a bit before I make it. Read more on that HERE.

6:45: Get the kids breakfast. wp-1631998700105.jpgSometimes I’ll make a batch of [protein] muffins the night before and other times they will just do cereal. While they are eating I like the prep lunch for my oldest.

7:15: Quiet time before my oldest gets on the school bus. wp-1647120322345I like to do 30 minutes of quiet time where the kiddos read. This allows me to make coffee and sip on it [in peace] before I head to the bus stop.

7:45: Morning bus drop-off.

8:00: Clean up the kitchen from breakfast, eat my spoonful of fat, make a second cup of coffee and do some computer work for a bit.

8:30: Get the twins changed and dressed for the day.wp-1647120322581

My mornings with the twins vary as I teach my first class on Wednesdays at 9:00am, Thursday is 11:15am and Friday’s I am off.

There you have it.

Sticking with this routine for the first couple of hours, sets me up for the day. At minimum, I like to wake up an hour and a half before the bus drop-off.wp-1647128424762I’ve found that it’s the perfect amount of time where I’m not rushed and get to accomplish everything I need to do. The kids are always more calm when mom doesn’t rush and of course, I am less stressed. wp-1640968403042Is every morning perfect?

ABSOLUTELY not, but that’s part of life.

Remember, one day at a time. 

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