I’ve been on a declutter kick ever since the Minimalist “game” ended for me.

Since then I probably got rid of 40 more items and began to declutter some spaces in my house that were clutter magnets.

My desk was originally in my bedroom.

I found that not only was I was more on the living room table since I felt too far away from the kids [or the kitchen for coffee refills] but it was a clutter magnet for unopened mail.

I ended up selling the bookshelf that was in this spot and moving my desk into the space. In reality, it was only holding a few books and a bunch of the kids puzzles.wp-1646512506076I ended up moving the puzzles to the closet in the kids room (there was plenty of space) and moved the books to the end table. wp-1646512506113I also was trying to figure out a way to hide the cat little box without purchasing something new.

Now, it’s underneath this end table.

wp-1646512505946You may notice that black futon in my bedroom.

Well, I ended up moving it to the kids room for my son. Most nights, he actually would come to my room and preferred to sleep on it with me.

I figured, why not just make it his bed?wp-1646831540734It ended up working quite well because I usually just left laundry on it to fold later aka MORE clutter. Now I tackle it right away after it finishes drying.

I’ve been working on making my space more functional; selling items that I have no use for (mostly from my marriage) or items that the kids have outgrown.wp-1646856096352The kiddos have been enjoying their space more mainly because well there is more space and it feels less cluttered.wp-1646512505776The house just feels fresh and more cozy overall.wp-1641997382303Clearly, we are all enjoying it.


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