Minimalist Game Results.

For today’s post, I am recapping my results on the Minimalist Game.

I do want to mention something that I have before; don’t feel like you HAVE to complete all 30 days. Don’t just get rid of things just to make it to the end.

If you feel you’ve decluttered enough by day 21, then just stop there.

I ended my game on Sunday (the 20th) as I dropped off the last bit to Goodwill.

The results?

*drum roll*

In the end I made it up to 409, which is day 28 [plus three].wp-1645447933788I did end up getting a few things from the shed because we had really nice weather in the past couple of weeks. But I dug through my “memory” box in my closet and got rid of 35 cards.


Okay, so to be fair some were from my wedding or anniversary (I’m divorced), so those were obviously an easy toss.

I did keep the ones that meant the most to me; a few from my first Mother’s day, first house and certain birthday cards from my mom, grandmother and of course the kiddos.

I didn’t expect to pass 350 items, so the fact that I made it past 400 was pretty sweet. It felt good to get rid of a lot of the “little things.”

While it would have been nice to reach almost 500 items decluttered, I’m completely happy with the progress I made in my house.

Once the spring hits, I MIGHT do another round since I will be tackling both of the sheds that I own.wp-1645447933885As I always say, one day at a time.

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