It’s crazy to thing I wrote THIS post almost 2 years ago

I’ve come such a long way since then.

Happy 2022, aka the best number on the planet; 22.

Of course, I might be biased since my birthday is June 22nd. I just can feel this is going to be the year. I was weary that 2021 would be and even before when 2020 came around (we all know how THAT year turned out).

But this feels different; I feel different.wp-1640968403709Recently, I’ve been going back to my more “simple” and minimalist ways.

I didn’t realize that I had lost myself trying to please my bosses at work. It took my arthritis flaring up badly and just getting to a point of burn out to make me realize I was tackling way too much. wp-1640968402616I’m excited to begin a new schedule, as I mentioned in the previous.

As much as I love spin, my knees weren’t having it and I mentally wasn’t in it anymore. I found more of a love for Pilates and wanted to focus my energy for MY workouts and not the ones I was teaching. wp-1640968403602Spin is just one of those classes that you need high energy for.

With Pilates or a HIIT class, I could demo a few reps, then walk around and check form. wp-1640968403681I’ll be teaching 3 Pilates classes a week now plus a Forever Fit class (geared towards seniors to focus on strength and balance) and a HIIT/ cardio class.

I’m could be more pumped.

Let’s make this year OUR year.

We got this!

One day at a time. 

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