Mental Reset.

I hope everyone who celebrates enjoyed their Christmas.

As you can probably tell, I took a bit of a couple of weeks hiatus from posting.

I just needed to turn my mind off. I also took time off here and there from teaching some classes at work.

Ever since early November, I just haven’t been my 100% self.

The holidays are mentally draining for me; they bring back not so nice memories between my ex-husband and I. Last holiday season, I had filed for divorce.

The year before we had officially separated.

So the month of December, is just not my favorite. 

I have enjoyed seeing the children excited for the holidays. They got to meet Santa (all for the first time) the first week of December. Screenshot 2021-12-08 11.57.31 AM

This Christmas was my first official one being divorced.

It was also the first one [since being separated] where my kiddos father and I didn’t do anything together with the kids. We were going to but at some point in November, we both agreed to just do our own Christmas with the kids and build our own traditions.

On Christmas eve, I let the kids open their stockings and their gift from mom. It was such a fun day and we ended the night with our favorite Christmas movie; The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I’ve taught them well there, hehe.

This is going to be my last post for 2021. I’m excited to see where 2022 takes me as I will be starting a new schedule at work.

I will no longer be teaching spin (due to some personal and health reasons) and will be taking on more Pilates classes. I’ll also be venturing into teaching Aqua classes at some point as well.

New things are coming and I’m embracing where life will lead me.

Happy [early] New Year friends and thank you for your continued support to my blog.

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