No Spend Month: Recap.

I feel like the only “true” NSM I had was my very first one.

Many, a few random things popped up, spends wise but overall I was quite impressed. By November 3rd, I realized I was out of contacts and needed to update my eye exam. Not a great start, but again I always expect things to pop up.

I also ended up getting my daughter her first “real” haircut aka not from mom.

Her hair felt much better brushing that I realized, I really wanted to cut my split ends as well. However, I did manage to save way more then expected on my grocery bill. My goal was at least $100 and I saved almost $300.

Say what?!

That I was honestly proud of because I made a more conscious effort to prep meals for work and bring snacks for the kiddos after I teach.

We sometimes would get things from the vending machine or cafe at work. While it’s a dollar or two here and there, it can add up to over $20 or more.

I focused on buying less single serving things and just buying more in “bulk” to divide them into containers. This is something I used to do all the time, so not sure why I stopped.

I also stopped relying on using Instacart so much. I even saved on the nursery and worked out a few times at my house instead of going to the gym with them.wp-1638119707813The point of this no spend month was to avoid unnecessary spending and to really budget within what I NEED vs. what  I WANT.

By the end of the month, I wanted to reduced my spending in these areas:

  • Coffee Runs: $40
  • Candles: $25
  • Gym Nursery Fees: $60
  • Ordering Food For Work: $50 – $60
  • Groceries: $600

Here’s what they came out to for my “NoSpendVember:”

  • Coffee Runs: $26 (-$14)
  • Candles: $10 (-$15)
  • Gym Nursery Fees: $25 (-$35)
  • Ordering Food For Work: $0
  • Groceries: $335 (-$265!!!)


  • Contacts + Eye Exam: $80
  • Haircuts: $60
  • Dine Outs: $30
  • Gas to NYC: $45
  • Christmas Mugs: $5

Total OVERALL Saved: $169

So why do I do the “no spend month” in November?

To have “extra” money for Christmas. While I do save money aside for Christmas in general, it’s nice to feel like I didn’t spend too much when I do the “no spend” month.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season.

Remember to take things one day at a time.

If you missed my other no spend months check these two out:


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