Back to Simple.

During the week of November 22nd, I had to take a hard look at things.

I had been going through a wave of emotions; work was getting a bit overwhelming (though so amazing at the same time), dating was let’s just say not so great plus some other things were on my mind.

I hit my mental tipping point.

I had spent most of Tuesday [November, 23rd], laying on the couch. I didn’t feel good in any aspect; mentally or physically.

After resting for 90% of that day, I woke up refreshed the next day.

I was going to Great Wolf with the kiddos and planned to surprise my parents in NYC for Thanksgiving. Six plus hours total alone in the car with just my thoughts and the occasional tunes, was just what I needed.

I ended up coming back home at a bit passed midnight the Friday after Thanksgiving and went straight to bed. When I woke up that morning on the way to get the kiddos I thought to myself “this is what I need to do again;”

Focus on scheduling alone time.

I hadn’t driven alone in a while to NYC.

Pretty much those solo trips were done every few months when I was alone. It dawned on me, what else haven’t I done alone?

I hadn’t gone to a restaurant alone since before my oldest was born. We are talking over seven years ago. I hadn’t gone to the movies alone either. Sure I had gone to coffee shops solo but it wasn’t the same as those activities I just mentioned.

I decided I wanted to get back to a just being present with myself.

I wanted to slow down dating, slow down work and just slow down life. I find it hard to rest sometimes because sometimes it feels lazy. But after I woke up refreshed from spending most of Tuesday on the couch, I knew it was something I needed to implement weekly.

I took a step back from a certification at work. This was hard for me because I am always trying to “do” and progress, but it was just taking a toll on my mental health.

Once I took that step back, I felt a huge pressure off my shoulders. 

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, I decided I was going to rest for most of the day.

Reset my mind.

Reset my space for the week.

And just be more intentional.

Took my time sipping my coffee, ate my food a little slower and just did whatever felt right.

Even if it meant doing nothing at all.

I spent about 30% of Sunday making a dent in this book (which is not easily in my top three most favorite books).wp-1638319441766I don’t remember the last time a read a quarter of a book in a day; most likely before kiddos.

#momlife 😉

I want to really get back to my minimalist ideals.

Focusing on living a more simple and “slowed down” lifestyle.

I got this.

One day at a time.

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