First Solo Vacation w/ Three Kids.

I honestly didn’t think it was going to be easy; well as easy as it was.

But for the most part, taking my first “solo” vacation to Great Wolf Lodge was a success.

Granted it was one overnight stay but I was proud of how well behaved they were. Sure there were “some moments,” but for the most part, they were so good.wp-1638119712783I was very proud of them; especially proud of my oldest.

While we just stayed in one small area of the water park (two feet deep), she was “in charge” of her little brother. He wanted to follow her and go down the slides. wp-1638120058196She did such a great job keeping an eye on him and playing with him.

My youngest just wanted to hang by my side and play in the more shallow end. wp-1638119712217I loved that they were content to stay in this small area. I was able to keep a constant eye on them and I felt safe knowing the life guards were right there if anything.wp-1638119707944I didn’t dare venture to the wave pool, even if I did put a life jacket on them.

I told him we could play more video games in lieu of going to the wave pool.wp-1638319441718They had a blast and did a pretty good job taking turns playing games in the arcade (I had put the money on one card).

I also made things easier by bringing most of the food and snacks with me.wp-1638120056074 The only thing I bought was sweet potato fries for me and ice cream for the the kids.wp-1638119712930I even brought my small coffee machine so I wouldn’t have to lug the kids in the morning to get Dunkin’ PLUS I made muffins for breakfast to make it easier.wp-1638120056215Overall, I was proud of myself that I was able to do this on my own.

Granted they are pretty independent and well behaved, I just didn’t think I could do “vacations” alone. wp-1638120056350This trip boosted my confidence as a single mom and has given me the strength to keep moving forward for them.wp-1638120056486One day at a time, of course.

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