DITL: A Monday Work [+ Kid-Free] Day.

Today I am taking you through a day in the life of of my work/ kid free days

Mondays are one of my busiest day, so I figured I’d give you a snippet of what goes on

4:50am: Wake up + prep coffee.

5:15am: First client of the day (30 minute session)wp-16364939418716:00am: Ultima Replenisher + Spin Class #1

7:00am: Head home quick for my first meal of the day.wp-1632483518497.jpg For my spin days, I usually go for my oat concoction to keep me fueled.

Ya know all the carbs.

7:30am: Next client.

9:00am: Pre-Workout + Spin Class #2 wp-1627913528369.jpg10:00am: Last client of the day. (30 minute session)

10:30am: Strength Training.wp-1636230261018 I usually just do a lower body strength workout to supplement all the cardio I did).

11:30am: Lunch!wp-1634403428586Usually on Mondays, I’m craving a more “snacky” lunch.

In the mix we have egg whites, hummus, arugula, Siete tortilla chips, cucumbers and harvest tomatoes.

1:00pm: Some outdoor reading + snack. wp-1636230261745Lately the weather has been pretty decent on my “kid free” days, so I’ve been taking my current book outside with me to read.

2:00pm Deep clean living room.wp-1636230609898I usually will sift through the kids toys, organize them and disinfect the space.

2:45pm: Pick up my oldest from school.wp-1636493828193Sometimes we go to the coffee shop, other times we head home for some arts and crafts before I drop her off at her dads for 4:00pm.

4:30pm: Unwind time. wp-1636230466738I’ll usually listen to music and start getting dinner [and maybe a bit of meal prep] going.

6:00pm: Dinnerwp-1636230466248I’ve been obsessed with cauliflower rice lately so for this meal I had some of with [organic] chicken (seasoned with Dash garlic herb) plus veggies on the side.

8:00pm: Settle down for the night + decaf latte. wp-1636493828059Time to get cozy, after all I did wake up at 4:45am.

I’ll usually watch YouTube, maybe do some more reading and foam roll as well.

10:00pm: Bedtime… zzz.

There you have it, a snipet into one of my work/ “kid free” days.

I chose to pick up my oldest to spend that 1-1 time with her. I do prioritize my rest and solo time Sundays, but getting this 1-1 with my daughter after pickups is very important to me.

Hope y’all are having a great week.


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