Workout Routine: Fall 2021

Ya’ll liked my previous workout routine post that I decided to share a Fall edition.

My teaching schedule has slightly changed, therefore so has my training.

I used to teach spin on Fridays, but now I am teaching TWO on Monday; one at 6:00am and the other at 9:00am. Of course, as an instructor I’m not pushing 100% since I need to talk and focus on the class.

I’d say I push probably at about 80% of my max.wp-1625696276224.jpgNow for the burning topic; let’s talk Crossfit.

While I really do enjoy Crossfit, I’ve just had to take it down a few notches.wp-1634088196306Well, several.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of ways to modify in Crossfit.

Personally, I felt like I wasn’t getting enough from Crossfit with the modifications I needed to do. I will [potentially] need a knee replacement within the next 10 years. Honestly I just want to be able to keep my joints healthy and strong.

I’ve gone back to my HIIT + Strength E-Guide.

I know it works (yep, I’m biased).wp-1634088160335There are plenty of modifications I know I can do PLUS get a great workout.

Obviously I should be able to, I created the program after all. 😉 

I’m STILL mixing in Crossfit workouts about once a week, plus my Pilates class for mobility. I’ve been enjoying having my spin class on Mondays vs. Friday as it sets me up for the week.wp-1627913528369.jpgBy the time Friday comes, I’m just really tired from a busy week, so I was happy that changed happened with my class time.

Alright, here is a look at what my current training “split” looks like:

I’ve linked a few workouts above on YouTube to check out some similar workouts I do.

Definitely check out the e-guide if you’re looking to change things up. I will say, this guide is by far the best program I’ve ever put together.wp-16034093027699207833942569053038.jpgI’m totally biased, of course.

Oh, lastly we can’t forget;

The winner of the RXBARs is LAUREN! Thanks so much to those who entered and supported the blog. Hope everyone has a wonderful week and happy November.


If you’re interested in learning more info on the e-guideclick HERE.

*Disclaimer: Please be mindful that this is my OWN personal workout. Before beginning any fitness routine, please consult your primary health care provider.

For more of my workouts, click HERE.

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