No Spend [No]vember.

It’s the time again where I do another no spend month.

I like to do November usually because it sounds fun and cheesy; “NoSpendVember”

Any who, My twins birthday is in November and I do set aside money for that. The point of a no spend month is to avoid unnecessary spending and to really budget within what you really need vs. your wants.

While I’ve been doing a pretty good job budgeting my expenses I have gone to the coffee shop way too many times and ordered food at work because I just wasn’t “feeling it” to prep.

I want to focus on getting back on the meal prepping and planning better. Below are some estimates of what I’ve been spending per month on certain expenses.

By the end of the month, I’d like to reduce my spending in these areas:

  • Coffee Runs: $40
  • Candles: $25
  • Gym Nursery Fees: $60
  • Ordering Food For Work: $50 – $60
  • Groceries: $600

My goal is to reduce the first three areas in half or more. I’d like to get ordering food for work to $0 if I can and cut my grocery spending by minimum $100.

I do have the twin’s birthday coming up as I mentioned and have already purchased some of their gifts. During a festival here in town, the gymnastics studio was giving away a free pass per child for “open play.”

I’ll be using that pass for all three kiddos on the twin’s birthday and get them pizza for the night.

Right there, I just saved $36; win, win.

I’ll check back with you during the first week of December to see how I did.wp-1632483384830.jpgWish me luck.


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