My Minimalist Home; Again.

I have to admit I was a bit hesitant to post this.  wp-1631872984969.jpgThe person I was in a previously relationship had somewhat “moved in” with me. I had JUST redefined my space to accommodate us as a “family of seven.”

It took me a few days to get the process started but eventually I got off my butt and I finally said “it was time.”wp-1631872984923.jpgI got rid of the pack and play and brought my desk back into “my” bedroom. wp-1631872984850.jpgI initially was thinking to but it back to this set up of the “quiet room,” but where I currently, I do want to have my own bedroom.

That’s the beauty of Minimalism; it’s keeping what serves YOU best in this moment. [clearly an old photo w/ pack and play ;]

I’ve also been enjoy having the black futon parallel to the bed to just relax.wp-1631998700189.jpgMy kiddos are allowed to use this space for quiet time, but I’m usually in here when they are doing quiet time or hang here in the morning before they wake up. 

It’s been six months since I’ve been officially divorced.

Before the break-up, I did a HUGE purge of the front shed. There were things lingering from my marriage and I just wanted a fresh space. wp-1631999350758.jpgIt felt so good.

My home, as well as my life in general, has gone through waves of changes.

I started doing Crossfit, started a new job, did three certifications, increased my work hours, attempted dating and focused more on filling my own cup. wp-1630321169740.jpgSo far, I’m enjoying my home the way it is now.

Until next rearrangement, of course.


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