Old Patterns.

I’ve been a bit M.I.A, simply because I did not know what to say.

The relationship that I was previously in ended and I shelled up with my thoughts. I started realizing that I was falling back into the same toxic patterns as with my ex-husband.

I OVER give people the benefit of the doubt.

I don’t listen to my gut.

I ignore red flags and thought to myself “it’s not that bad.”

It got me thinking that it was time I go into therapy to understand why I fall into these same patterns.

I realized the moment he stopped “showing up” and investing into the relationship, I started giving MORE.

Making more breakfasts in bed.

Cooking his favorite meals.

Planning his favorite activities.

Letting him sleep in 80% of the time, while I took care of the kiddos.

Paying for more things.

Trying to show and prove my worth… but at what cost?

It left me empty.

I was getting to the point of being burnt out again and I could feel that I wasn’t happy anymore.

When I tried to talk to him about how I felt, he would tell me that I was overthinking and that how I felt was unnecessary. I felt like my feelings were not valid and it caused me to close up.

It’s been a smidge over a week since that relationship ended (and via text mind you). Since then, I refreshed my space, dialed up my training schedule, put more time into work and got back into my self-care habits.

I feel more inspire and motivated to write.

Stay tuned for more. wp-1631114388905.jpg

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