So It Begins.

School officially starts today for my oldest.

I can’t believe I have a first grader. wp-1628379004698.jpgNot sure why Kindergarten didn’t hit me (probably because of Covid), but first grade is giving me all the sad feels.

We did a bit of back to school shopping and I did some major labeling this past weekend as I did last year.

I also prepped the homeschool area for the twins. wp-1630321169806.jpgTheir dad and I agreed that they would be fine with me just homeschooling them plus giving them extracurricular activities for “socializing.” wp-1630361296571.jpgAt the moment, the twins will be doing soccer and library time. wp-1630361296695.jpgAfter soccer they will most likely switch to gymnastics. wp-1630361296765.jpgMy oldest will continue to do gymnastics as she has been gaining a lot more confidence by being there.

Work has been picking up for me.wp-1629052235986.jpg I’ve been trying to find that balance of work, mom and personal life.wp-1630361296412.jpgIt hasn’t been easy but I am making sure I am more vocal at work and saying no when I need to.

One day at a time, right?

Side note, good look to all the kiddos starting school this year.

You got this!

If you’re looking for some pre-k homeschooling ideas, click HERE

2 thoughts on “So It Begins.

  1. Your homeschooling area is adorable, and I hope your daughter has a wonderful year in first grade! My daughter starts high school next year, which means she will no longer attend the school where I work…but luckily that is a way off, so we don’t have to think about it yet! It’s been a weird start to the school year, but hopefully it will be more normal for all of us, than it was for the past two years.

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