Redefining My Minimalist Home: Part II

I have to admit, this was a hard pill to swallow.

I had the quiet room set up for months now and I really enjoyed the space. wp-1619920360058.jpgBut with a new relationship and us going all in (he stays at my house 3 nights a week, 1 with his kids), I had to redefine my spaceagain.

I no longer could “live” without having a bedroom. 20210822_130159.jpgMorning dynamics were changing where there was a baby (or one parent) still sleeping while my oldest usually woke up first. 20210822_130704.jpgThe living room needed to become the new “quiet room” while others slept. I ended up moving the book and toy shelf behind the sofa in the living room. 20210819_131404.jpgThat space was essentially “dead” space anyways. At the end of the day, a good chunk of toys would end up in the living room.

In the kids room, I made it open again in the original way I like the room.20210816_130250.jpgMy next step is to get a door for the bedroom.

I had taken it off before to replace it and decided to not put one back. But now with different dynamics, it’s important to put one on for privacy.

I think that’s the most important thing as a minimalist; to know that things are constantly changing.

We have to re-evaluate our spaces from time to time even if “new” people aren’t entering it. Sometimes a space my work better one way versus another.20210819_144426.jpgIt’s all a journey. 

One day at a time right? 

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