Another Getaway Stay.

I wanted to share some photos from my Getaway stay with my oldest for her birthday. wp-1629052233513.jpgI ended up reserving the tiny house for Sammy, my mom and I. wp-1617996419044.jpgTo my surprise, my brother Chris ended up tagging along as well which was nice.wp-1629052233997.jpg I was pumped that they honored my request of writing Happy Birthday Sammy (versus welcome back Sabrina) on the note in the cabin.wp-1629052235921.jpgShe felt so special. ❤

I ran in to set up this little display for her before she came in.
wp-1629052234158.jpgSammy’s favorite “camping” activity is roasting marshmallows.wp-1629052233915.jpgShe, obviously was super excited to get to do that.wp-1629052233778.jpg It was a short one night stay but it was relaxing.wp-1629052233648.jpgHope y’all are having a wonderful rest of your summer.

Especially if you are in New England, we don’t have long before school starts.




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