What I Eat In A Day: Pt. II.

A few months ago, I hired a nutrition coach.

I shared a “what I eat in a day” on my meal plan with her, but I wanted to redo it as it has changed. While I am not longer working with my her, I am still following some of her recommendations.

I added back in some “processed” foods if you will, mainly in the form of protein bars like RXBARs. I just love them and they are a very easy snack I can grab on the go, especially during summer break. wp-1621975317285.jpgCan’t forget cookies, course.

I’m about a couple of months into doing it “on my own” and I’m feeling pretty good. Here are some of my current eats!

But first? Coffee.wp-1626387288589.jpgI usually have it about an hour after I wake up.

Meal #1: Still on the berries, egg whites, oats & hemp seeds + MORE coffee.wp-1626386473785.jpgPost Workout: Oxygenated Recover.wp-1627220434666.jpgThis drink is essentially it’s a WAY better version of Gatorade, kind of how I like to put it.

That’s kind of how I like to put it. I’m usually drenched in sweat and very dehydrated. I feel much better and recovered post workout versus feeling sluggish after an intense sweat sesh.

For more info on it, click HERE.

Meal #2: Avocado toast (or some type of bread meal).wp-1626386473710.jpg If I’m feeling fancy I’ll do avocado toast. Otherwise, I’ve been loving this sandwich combo of cinnamon raisin bread, over roasted turkey, spinach and tomatoes.wp-1626386473230.jpgSnack #2: Last cup of java for the day and some popcorn.wp-1626386563590.jpgI just enjoy having coffee with while studying. Sometimes I’ll add a Babybel cheese or if I am feeling a bit more hungry I’ll do an apple and peanut butter as well.

Meal #5: Basmati Rice, Alpha Plant-Based Crumbles + Green Beans.wp-1626386474068.jpgFor a plant based ground style “meat,” it was pretty delicious.

As far as a treat after dinner goes, it may come in the form of almond milk “ice cream,” cookies or chocolate chips. wp-1627912851189.jpgMaybe even all three like with this Tate’s cookie ice cream sandwich.


And there you have it, my current “what I eat in a day.”

What are some favorite’s YOU have been loving lately?

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