This is Six.

This week my oldest turned SIX.wp-1628379004400.jpgI can’t believe I officially have a first grader who is SIX. wp-1628379004698.jpgFor some reason, five didn’t hit me as hard.wp-1628379004750.jpgMaybe because she will be learning about money in first grade so it FEELS real?

Who knows.wp-1628379004186.jpgWe had a simple day for her birthday.wp-1628379004053.jpgThey day before, we had a playdate with cupcakes with a few friends.wp-1628379004948.jpgFor her actual birthday, she requested Lucky Charms for breakfast and requested to go to the mall for pizza and shopping.

We had Blaze Pizza, took her to Claire’s and Lindt Chocolate.

I also baked cupcakes for her using a unicorn cupcake kit that I found at Walmart (for under $10).wp-1628379003982.jpgShe said it was the best birthday ever and that I make the best cupcakes.wp-1628379003717.jpgI did a pretty good job if I may so so myself.wp-1628379003614.jpgLove you Sammy Jams and so glad you enjoyed your day.

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