Recently, I’ve come across many more triggers that have brought me back to a negative place.

I’ll be honest, I thought I was completely healed from my marriage. I’ve been feeling really good and positive… yet I’ve experienced so many more small triggers lately that just have set me back mentally.

Most of them deal with trust.

Over the past week, I’ve learned that healing is a life long process.

I’ve never going to be fully healed.

There will always be triggers that set me off, causing me to shell and regress a bit mentally. But the difference now is that I RECOGNIZE it. I immediately know when something sets me off.

I try to give myself space to sit with my thoughts to understand WHY something triggered me;

“How can I move forward?”

“How can I grow from this?”

“What support can I get in order to help with my healing?”

As I always say, “one day at a time.”wp-1627912749860.jpgIt’s important during a journey of healing. ❤

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