Intuitive Fitness.

Two years ago, I wrote a post about intuitive eating.

Since ending my meal plan with my nutrition coach, I’ve been back to following a more “intuitive approach” to eating while trying to keep a slight eye on my macros. wp-1626386473785.jpgYou can read more about intuitive eating HERE.

For this post, I am literally discussing the same thing but just replace eating with fitness. Back in March, I started doing Crossfit. I feel in love so hard with it that I got to a point where I burnt myself out.wp-1627220434454.jpgI started to slowly burn out when I started working again and teaching classes. I didn’t adjust my fitness routine to accommodate the classes I was teaching (and ultimately doing at least at 80% capacity of the class).

Hence burn out.

So in the past couple of weeks, I’ve just been really listening to my body.wp-1625696276224.jpg I don’t have any “set days” of programming with the exception of doing Crossfit twice a week plus teaching one Pilates and one spin class.wp-1627220434331.jpgThis way if I teach extra or feel like I want to push myself a bit harder that week, I only have four set workout days and I can work around them. I don’t really consider Pilates a full on “workout” as it’s more focusing on mobility.  But I wanted to keep in my mind just in general so I wouldn’t over do anything during the week.

Although, it is a lot of core work and my abs are usually pretty sore.

I wanted to bring my approach to minimalism to fitness again. Earlier this year, I got rid of a lot of my fitness equipment and I felt my best with my workouts.wp-1619478495250.jpgI’m trying to shift my approach to recovery.

I notice I just don’t focus enough on it and I really want to be more intentional with my approach. I’m not getting younger and I really need to keep an eye on my knee.wp-1624393859313.jpgI look forward to my rest days and make it an enjoyable experience.

As I always say, one day at a time.


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