Summer So Far.

So far summer has been it’s been off to a great start.

I’ve taken my kiddos to the pool at work (which is a fabulous perk).wp-1624394015440.jpgHaving three on my own, the kiddie pool (2ft) is the only thing I can do with them. There is also a playground next to the pool so we have a routine of play at the playground for a bit then head into the pool when we get too hot.wp-1624393858957.jpgI’ve haven’t been hiking in a while with the kids.wp-1624481562796.jpgThe recent days over the last month it’s been too hot, rainy or I was injured (I have bursitis in my right knee that inflamed). So, we are trying to get back into the swing of being in nature. wp-1624481562554.jpgLast week had been our first hike in a few weeks.

It was perfect.wp-1624481562678.jpgOf course, we’ve gone to the beach a couple of times.wp-1623247374615.jpgAnd the park.wp-1624483071774.jpgLastly, can’t forget our own backyard.

I like to do “T.V” free days, [with the exception of after dinner.]wp-1624483071676.jpgI like to do this at least twice a week and I usually have music playing in the background from Alexrainbird Music.

I have found this to be key to them:

a. behaving better

b. actually sitting and watching T.V (instead of multi-tasking while watching T.V).

My point is if there is something I really need to do, I know they will be “still” during their T.V. time. It’s usually around snack time so I will set them up and they usually are “good” for about 30-40 minutes.

Depending on the day of course.

#momlife 😉

If you’re looking for summer activities that are cheap or free to do with your toddlers, check out THIS post

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