Workout Routine [Spring 2021].

I typically don’t update my workout routines this often.

Since I started Crossfit almost two months ago, I felt like it was needed.

When I was doing my HIIT + Strength program, I was following the “split” listed in the e-guide. Of course, I’d be sure to listen to my body if I need an extra rest day or if I feel okay to push a bit harder.wp-1621081759534.jpgSince I hired my nutrition coach, she recommend I add in two 15 minute steady state cardio sessions. I don’t remember the last time I went on a cardio machine, but I’ll count our hikes as a steady state session from time to time.

Otherwise, I do the elliptical for those cardio sessions.

Below is what my currently workout “split” looks like with Crossfit in the mix:

Mondays: Crossfit 1-1 Session

Tuesdays: Kettlebell HIIT (I do my own or sometimes THIS one by Heather Robertson)

Wednesdays: Active Rest Day (Pilates class or mobility)

Thursdays: Crossfit Class or Strength Sesh

Fridays: Spin Class + Crossfit Class

Saturday: Cardio HIIT (bodyweight)

Sundays: Rest Day

I’ve linked a few workouts above on YouTube to check out some similar things to what I’m doing. I’ll probably head back to my HIIT + Strength E-Guide once school is over but for now, I am enjoying the change of pace!

Definitely check out the e-guide if you are in need of a plateau buster or simply want to change things up. I will say, this guide is by far the best program I’ve ever put together.

Of course, I might be biased. 😉

If you’re interested in learning more info on the e-guide, click HERE.

*Disclaimer: Please be mindful that this is my OWN personal workout. Before beginning any fitness routine, please consult your health care provider.

For more of my workouts, click HERE.

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