Solo Venture… Again.

A few months ago I stayed at Getaway Boston’s tiny house for a solo trip.wp-1617996418992.jpgI did it again for Easter Sunday. wp-1617996419330.jpgI knew the kiddos were going to be hanging half the day with their dad and my mom had come early to visit for Easter.wp-1617996419435.jpg It came at a great time.wp-1617996419367.jpgWith the looks of my old gym not opening back anytime soon, I had applied to a new athletic club.

And guess what? I got hired. 🙂

They were blow away with my fitness personality. As an instructor it’s always intimidating coming into a new gym where members are “set” in the ways of their instructors and styles.

I start officially in May so right now I am taking classes at the club, getting to know the members as well as getting to know the style they are used to.

On top of that, I started Crossfit plus I am studying for a new certifications as well.wp-1617995843162.jpgI needed a break.

I needed to recharge.wp-1617996419896.jpgIt felt so good to just sit in nature and just reflect.wp-1617996442699.jpgWhen I came back, my cup had been filled and I felt ready to tackle the week.wp-1617996420467.jpgGetaway Boston is an amazing place and should be experienced at least once.wp-1617996419199.jpg This is my third time staying and I really liked staying in the one bed tiny house (only bunk bed ones had been available when I’ve booked in the past). wp-1617996419127.jpgThe wider window was absolutely breath taking.

The next time I go to the tiny house, I am planning to bring my oldest as joint birthday gift for us summer babies. I can’t wait for that adventure and to explore with her.wp-1617996419044.jpgIf you’re looking to stay in one of Getaway’s tiny houses, click HERE for more info and to get $25 off your first stay. If you need an amazing place to recharge, definitely check Getaway out.

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter.

Happy Sunday! 🙂



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