I’ll be honest, I am not a fan of going uphill.wp-1616287581794.jpg I mean really, who is?

Even when I was teaching spin, I never liked to do hills (extra resistance) – it was just too hard.

We went hiking back at the art trail on the first day of spring and we saw an “uphill” spot. I did not want to do it but my kids told me they wanted to go for it. I legit tried to convince them to go a different route but they weren’t having it. wp-1616287582734.jpgIt seems like lately, I am doing things that have been challenging; pushing myself to step out of my comfort zone.wp-1616287583853.jpgThe result was a beautiful view.wp-1616287582323.jpgI loved that the kids pushed me to go uphill versus the easier route.wp-1616287582061.jpgAs I mentioned in my last post, it’s something that has become important to me.wp-1616287583306.jpgHaving people who support you, challenge you and push you to grow as a person. wp-1616287582459.jpgTo be better and to work hard towards your goals. 

Always working towards progress, not perfection.

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