I was feeling used.

Like I mention in my last post, my ex and I got very comfortable.

Last week, he asked if he could come over to see the kids and talk. 

I asked, “what did you want to talk about?”

He said, “not that you care but…”

He had been stressed out with work, his apartment and some other things. I told him that he knew where I stood. Today was not his day to see the kids, let alone come to my house.

I told him that he chose to NOT have me as his go to person therefore I owe him nothing.

Truth is, I still care for him.

But still wanting me for emotional support? If you don’t want me as a wife and your other half, why should I STILL be there for you?

He needs to find his own support system, as did I. I stopped talking about personal things with him and turned to my mom and brother.

I also told him that I was no longer packing snacks/ food for the kids (unless they ask me for something). He doesn’t pack a bag for me, so why should I do this for him?

I made so much easy for him at my expense.

I was emotionally draining myself to show him that I was worth something. Why was I wasting my time trying to prove something to someone who could care less about wanting me by their side?

He was upset when I didn’t allow him to come over and talk.

But again, he lost the privilege of seeing his kids daily as well as having me as his go to person the minute he decided to not work on the marriage.

There was nothing more I could do, I did everything I could, gave my all and stood in a toxic marriage thinking it would get better.wp-16069945508067056185714788394756.jpgBut it didn’t.

Because it takes two.

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