No Spend 2021 Recap.

So I didn’t get my groceries for the month under $450 as intended.

My groceries came out to $452, which honestly I’m fine with. wp-16123645351848298234860516801304.jpgI will say I did focus on cooking more and also thought twice, if not three times on many purchases. If anything, had I not done the no spend month, I probably would have had over $500 for my groceries.wp-16123677977902684169165598456123.jpgMy daughter started school back on the 19th of January so I did have to purchased pre-packaged snacks (as required) which I know increased my spends.snacksI also had to head to my grandmother’s funeral, so I did end up purchasing extra snacks [and coffee] for the road for myself and my oldest.wp-16123645343292951439512241315952.jpg On top of that, I also used a rental car as I didn’t want to add any additional millage to my car; it’s almost at 200k. Obviously a priceless spend, but I didn’t have in planned in my budget.

I do want to note, the Getaway Boston trip was planned in my December budget, in case you’re wondering. 😉SabstinysHere’s a recap of the personal/extra spends:

  • Vitamin D: $14.49
  • B-Complex & B-12: $22.00
  • Winter Hat: $9.97
  • Gymnastics: $42.00
  • Starbucks $20.00 (goal was under $30)
  • Rental Car: $189.00
  • Rental Gas: $87.00
  • Trip Tolls: $18.00
  • Gym Membership: $10 (fixed)
  • Babysitting: $45 ($100 max)

If you read my first post on the no spend January, clearly you’ll see my personal spends exceeded $100 just with the rental car. readingBut things happen and that’s okay. For me I find it fun to challenge myself to just be more intentional with my spends and even time, which I was.

If you you decide to try a no spend month or have done one in the past, let me know in the comments below.

Hope everyone is having a great start to the month. 🙂


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