Workout Routine [Winter 2021].

Lately I’ve been following a more intuitive approach to my weekly workout routine.

I used to follow a certain “split” in the week, but now I just listen to my body and what it needs. It seems over the last month or so, I have developed a pattern. This just has to do with how my schedule goes in the week.wp-16076986839233966291365905686041.jpgI try to reserve the workouts that need to most amount of weights for the days my kids are with their dad. The workouts where I need minimal to no equipment, I reserve for home.wp-16099433101674889413189850635908.jpgFor my workouts, I mix in my YouTube videos as well as Heather Robertson’s workouts. I absolutely lover her workouts. They are challenging and her style is similar to the HIIT classes I teach.

It’s nice to have someone else torture me although now I know why I get so many dirty looks when I teach. 😉wp-1610461868043418634355975380309.jpgHere’s what it’s currently been looking like from my previous one. I even linked all my current favorites for each day between my videos and Heather’s.

Definitely check them out and go get your sweat on:

Mondays: Leg Day Strength

Tuesdays: Cardio & Abs

Wednesdays: Upper Body Toning

Thursdays: Full Body HIIT

Fridays: Rest Day

Saturday: Yoga Fusion (On occasion, a second rest day)

Sundays: Kettlebell HIIT

*Disclaimer: Please be mindful that this is my OWN personal workout. Before beginning any fitness routine, please consult your health care provider.

For more of my workouts, click HERE.

19 thoughts on “Workout Routine [Winter 2021].

  1. It’s so hard to be motivated when it’s this time of year… it’s chilly in the mornings and that demotivates me. By the time I get home, I have 15-20 minutes of daylight…

    Come on spring and daylong savings time!!

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      1. I used to take Animal Pak.. I really didn’t see any results other than my pee turning neon yellow. I got to studying the ingredients of these supplements and found out they’re really not healthy.

        I attempt to eat healthy and watch my weight. Coffee is my worst habit and addiction lol!

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      2. Ok let me clarify, (because I feel confusing lol) I like lifting and all that. But I thoroughly enjoy running. I’m not a treadmill kind of guy. I like running outside. It clears my head and it’s like a slow ride through the country.

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      3. Out in my neck of the woods, winter comes in the morning, we’re in spring by noon and fall comes in the evening. Summer comes with a vengeance around June.

        I’m John by the way. You’re blog is pretty motivational! And unfortunately it makes me keep talking lol!!

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