No Spend Month [Halfway Update].

I have to say, this no spend month went south in most areas the second week in.wp-16021995444421093066524040225249.jpgNot only did our stimulus money come in, I ran out of a few things. There were a few of purchases that I had not planned. Two of them were vitamins; vitamin D and my B-complex.

I didn’t realized I had a couple of weeks left of pills, so I ordered  some before they ran out. Since I had to order my B-complex through Care/of, I decided to stock up on the B-12 supplement as well. wp-15818054650084723001115138222179.jpgHeather Robertson released a nutrition guide and as a fitness coach, I am always looking to learn and expand my knowledge. I wanted to take advantage of them before the price went up since it was only $14.00 versus $19.00 post sale.

She is one of my favorite trainers at the moment, so check her out her fitness/ nutrition content if you have not.

I also purchased a new hat, which was a smidge under $10. I just wanted to have another hat to alternate with when I wash one or the other. I used to have my ex’s hats handy but obviously, that is not an option anymore.138758049_10104428701014530_3688843244789133251_oI have been purchasing candles still during this no spend month, but I limited it to ONE a week versus my usual 2-3. I also still do a dine-out once a week, which hasn’t changed from a regular month but I did just want to mention it.

Typically I do Wendy’s with the kids on Sunday’s and get a salad for myself.gymnasticsWe also signed up my oldest for gymnastics. I was going to wait until after school started back up, but I figured she could have a couple of days to get used to it beforehand. 

  • Vitamin D: $14.49
  • B-Complex & B-12: $22.00
  • Winter Hat: $9.97
  • Gymnastics: $42.00

In the grocery department, I’m at about $300.

My goal for the month was to be under $450. I did run out of pull-ups and wipes, so I those upped the amount of “groceries” I’ve spent. In terms of Starbucks, I’ve only added $10; my goal is to be under $25.wp-16012255531902022714039855228014.jpgAt the end of the month, I’ll do a full recap of my no spend month. So far I will say I’ve been thinking twice of my purchases just knowing that I’m not supposed to spend anything “extra.”

Have a great week y’all! 

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