Minimalist[ish] Coffee Mom.

Welcome to the Minimalist[ish] Coffee Mom.cropped-wp-15984697450507269826498127687116.jpgThis has been a thought in my mind since September of last year. After I took the Simple Habits course and changing the focus of my blog, I’ve been debating on changing my name.

I didn’t want to just put Minimalist Coffee Mom because I really resonate with the “ish” part; just when I think I’m a true minimalist, some holiday comes around to throw me off with clutter.

#momlife ๐Ÿ˜‰

That’s the beauty of it, minimalism is a journey NOT a destination.

While I love fitness, I just have become more passionate writing about minimalism and decluttering, especially as a mom. I’ve also dabbled in writing about mental health as well as going through a separation/ divorce. 

I’ll still share fitness related posts, like with my five day workout challenge, but it won’t be one of the main focuses of the blog. If you’ve followed because of my fitness content, thank you for your support and I do hope you stick around. 

You can also follow me on Instagram, where in my stories I’ll share more random aspects of my life, including my workouts.

All links with “fitcoffeemom,” will still work, you’ll just be redirected to

I’ve been “Fit Coffee Mom” for almost 6 years, so it will definitely take some getting used to for me. As we grow, sometimes things no longer serve. This change is what fits my point in life right now, so I’m excited for all the content headed your way.

Hope you guys like it too! ๐Ÿ™‚

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