I Packed Away 50% Of My Wadrobe.

I decided to pack my entire wardrobe.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know I’m pretty minimal when it comes to my wardrobe as is.

With everything going on this year, I clearly wasn’t using much of my wardrobe. I found that I started gravitating towards the same things every week; the same rotation of a few pieces.

Then my parents came over for Thanksgiving and my mom gave me this “pink” sweater from Old Navy. I am not a fan of pink tones, but for some reason I fell in love with the color and style.wp-1608644055679466345267975381446.jpgWhen my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I knew I wanted that same sweater in a couple of different colors.

See when I find a piece that I am very comfortable in and love, I tend to get a few in different colors.wp-16086440553947690585810875692936.jpgI ended up getting a dark green and a cream colored one.

What I decided to do was pack my whole closet (with the exception of 3 sweaters I knew I use weekly) and take clothing out one at a time as I went looking for them. wp-16086440549224394259492783343669.jpgThis is the result of the clothes I’ve used for the last three weeks. I only have 15 pieces of the original 31 I started with this season.wp-16086440544681725283789796234741.jpgYou’re probably going to be shocked, but I only have ONE stripped item currently in my closet. Well maybe YOU won’t be surprised, but my mom will.

She calls me Freddy Cruger. 😉wp-15984697450507269826498127687116.jpgLately, I’ve just been gravitating more towards neutrals. Maybe it’s getting older or maybe my style is finally changing from my stripe love. 

And that’s okay.

Styles change, we change and we grow.

Maybe that’s a bit too philosophical but I do feel it’s true.

Like a snake, we shed our “skin” or in this case, who we are as a person. For me, I find that I tend to get rid of clothing that is from my past (especially any I loved during my ex) or that I had a “bad experience” in.wp-160864405394175423487768838809.jpgI haven’t taken anything out of the box in over a week. I’m curious to see if I end up getting more items over then next week. If not, I’ll pack the rest away.

I’ll make a final decision when I switch my wardrobe to spring/ summer as to what to declutter. I also wanted to make it known that I am not gloating in any way of the fact that I have a minimal wardrobe.

It’s just something I personally prefer as my version of a “minimalist.”

Happy Holidays y’all.

2 thoughts on “I Packed Away 50% Of My Wadrobe.

  1. I started keeping track of my wardrobe in a capsule wardrobe style. So much easier to handle and great when it’s time to shop. I know exactly what I’m looking to replace at any given time. Good job slimming out your wardrobe to what you actually use.

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    1. That’s amazing! At some point I want to venture in that style, but maybe for my summer wardrobe! I like having minimal amount of clothing, it just makes it so much easier and I feel the older you get, the easier it is. I’m not in highschool trying to be cool anymore. 😉


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