Fully Remote “Day In The Life.”

In this post, I’m sharing what a fully remote “day in the life” looks like with kindergartner and three year old twins. It’s probably as it sounds; chaotic.

Some days are easier than others, but for the most part, we have found our groove over the past few weeks.

6:45am: I still try to wake up by this time [the latest] so I can get my oldest can have enough time to get ready before her remote session.

After, the kiddos wake up, they will usually play or color for a bit before breakfast.

7:15am: Make my coffee and relax for a bit.

7:30am: Breakfast for the kiddos.

8:15am: Clean up the kitchen from breakfast and tidy anything else in the house.

8:45am: Remote Session begins.wp-1607700813256595955843719970695.jpgWhile my oldest is doing her remote session, I typically let the twins play with play-doh since it keeps them preoccupied for quite some time.wp-16077008138013980483265143347466.jpg9:30am: Snack break for my oldest.

10:00am: Remote session resumes.wp-16076989122748215861665034966734.jpg10:30am: Speech remote session (only Tuesdays and Fridays).

11:00am: My oldest is done with her morning portion of remote work. wp-16076989117924047743813357908639.jpgThe kiddos will play or dance to music before we do lunch. This also gives me time to get my workout in while they are staying busy.

11:30am: Workout.wp-16076988336145045718727646100027.jpg12:30pm: Lunch time.

1:00pm: If the weather allows,  (taking 40 degrees and up) the kiddos will play outside after lunch for a bit before my oldest has her afternoon arts session.

1:40pm: Arts remote session.wp-16077008143538294165786225635000.jpg2:00pm: After her Arts session is over, we’ll work on any assignments we have to do for her class.

2:30pm: Quiet time.wp-16056241617075159971017846814166.jpgThis usually consists of a second snack, reading stories or even watching a movie. Oh and of course more coffee. 😉

3:30pm: I like to do a craft at this time to get their brain working. This helps them to stay awake until bedtime, otherwise they would fall asleep at around 4:30pm with how dark it gets outside. wp-16076988326825383177258838474385.jpg5:15pm: Dinner time

6:00pm: Begin working on my night routine.wp-16062668729047279917676652209621.jpgMy nighttime routine still really has not changed, although with the time change, they have been falling asleep between 7:00pm-7:30pm.

Hope y’all enjoyed this “day in the life” post, nothing too crazy as this is reality [most] everyday.

#2020 😛

If you have kiddos in school, how are you handling it this year?

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