The Minimalists Game Results.

So I failed the 30 day decluttering game.

Okay, not really, but I got your attention didn’t I? 😉

The goal of the game was to declutter almost 500 items in 30 days.

I honestly would have met this had I not gone to Goodwill the month before and dropped off like 4 giant bags of toys, clothing and books.

But I was still up for the challenge. 

I did manage to declutter a bit over 300 items.wp-16079573146091139389446774566110.jpgMy goal was to hit close to 400 items.

After I hit 300 I stopped counting since it was getting closer towards the end of the month. I also counted things like shoes as “one pair” versus two separated shoes, so I could have been close to 400.wp-16068307683781510171901932011833.jpgMy main focus was the kid’s closet particular their art and crafty items. 

I got rid of markers that were dried out, supplies that were unusable (or that they never used), old playdoh and so on.wp-16068307688979057792969649501934.jpgI even sharpened every colored pencil I could find.

#momlife 😛

Every year as it get closer to Christmas, I try to declutter the kiddo’s toys as I know they will be getting plenty of new things.

I also try to analyze my wardrobe as I have noticed the older I get, the “simpler” my clothing/ style becomes.wp-16079573150924727232047884946624.jpgPlus, I almost always get a new sweater or two as a gift.

I really enjoyed this challenge as it forced me to think hard about what I really never used or needed. There were things in the house that I haven’t used since we moved here almost three years ago.wp-16079907817638719519160128238576.jpgTelling myself “one day I might need it” just didn’t cut it anymore for me.

Out of all the things I’ve decluttered over the past year or two, there hasn’t been anything I’ve honestly missed or repurchased.

If you’re looking for a place to start with decluttering, I highly recommend “The Minimailist Home.”53188042_10103675442176280_7605600853092728832_nIt goes room by room on what to declutter and offers inspiration along the way.

How about you?

Have you heard of or tried The Minimalists decluttering game?


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