Full Body Kettlebell HIIT.

I’ve been obsessed with kettlebells over the past couple of weeks.

I decided to create my own Kettlebell HIIT workout inspired by Heather Robertson’s Full Body HIIT with Kettlebells that I absolutely love!

All you’re going to need is a kettlebell (I used 10 and 15lbs) and a mat.wp-16060788056377728828920564592255.jpg If you don’t have a kettlebell, one dumbbell will do!

We have THREE different rounds that we are going to do two times through. My timer is set to 40 seconds ON and 20 seconds OFF. 

Let’s Go!

Round ONE

  1. Deadlift to Upright Row
  2. Swings
  3. Sumo Squat to Press
  4. Curl to Press [R]
  5. Curl to Press [L]
  6. Bear Hop to Push Press

Round TWO:

  1. Deadlift to Narrow Squat
  2. Alternating Swings
  3. Overhead Press to Tricep Extension
  4. Lunge [R]
  5. Lunge [L]
  6. Plank Taps

Round THREE:

  1. Figure 8’s
  2. Toe Taps
  3. Sit-Up Press to Hiplift
  4. Sumo Squat to Row [R]
  5. Sumo Squat to Row [L]
  6. Russian Twists

**Disclaimer: Please be mindful that this is my OWN personal workout. Before beginning any fitness routine, please consult your health care provider.

For more of my workouts, click HERE.

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