Back, Bicep Plus Triceps Toning.

If you would have told me before I had kids, that leg day wouldn’t be my favorite anymore, I wouldn’t believe you.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good leg day sesh. Recently, I’ve started focusing more on my back, biceps and triceps to target my “weaker areas.”

For THIS workout, I’m bringing to you a back, bicep and triceps toning workout. These moves will help you define and sculpt those upper body muscles.wp-16053696424944433709812221582331.jpgAll you’re going to need is a set of dumbbells (I used 8lbs and 10lbs) and a mat. My timer is set to 40 seconds ON and 20 seconds OFF.

You can head over to YouTube, and follow along with me HERE.

Be sure to warm-up before you start the workout.**backbitriFALL

The Moves:

  1. Bent-Over to Wide Row
  2. Alternating Lateral Raises
  3. S/A* Over Head Tricep Extension (R)
  4. S/A* Over Head Tricep Extension (R)
  5. Rear Flyes
  6. In & Out Bicep Curls
  7. S/A* Arnold Press (L)
  8. S/A* Arnold Press (L)
  9. Pulldowns
  10. Bicep Curls to Press

*S/A = Single Arm 😉

**Disclaimer: Please be mindful that this is my OWN personal workout. Before beginning any fitness routine, please consult your health care provider.

For more of my workouts, click HERE.

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