Day In The Life: Mom “Day Off.”

I put “day off” in quotations because let’s be real, a mom’s brain never just shuts off.

On these days, you’ll find me spending a good chunk of the time cleaning the kids room, doing laundry and just trying to do things that just take too long with the kiddos around.

Each “day off” varies, but I wanted to bring you along to my most recent since my oldest was off from school.

6:30am: Kiddos wake up.

Ever since the time change, the kiddos have been waking up earlier than normal

The kiddos will play in their room, color and my oldest will get “ready” for the day, she is big on dressing up right now.

7:00am: Light a candle and make my first cup of coffee.wp-16053703200161742431046509085359.jpg7:15am: Dad comes to give the kiddos breakfast and get them ready to go to his house. I will say it’s really nice to get to a point to be friends with your ex-spouse. 

8:00am: Kiddos head to dad’s house.

8:15am: I’ll typically make my second cup of coffee and cozy up to a book or just relax on the couch.wp-16051076486108201522099769920355.jpg9:00am: Work on some blog posts or edit YouTube videos. I’ll also eat my spoonful of fat.wp-16053696420161204640282502805489.jpg10:00am: I’ll put my airpods on and listen to music (or a podcast) while I clean the house and get some laundry going.

11:30am:Breakfast time.”

12:00pm: By this time a load is usually done drying, so I’ll get that folded up.

12:30pm: Get ready for the gym.

2:00pm: Workout DONE.wp-16053696424944433709812221582331.jpgI like to save my longer workouts for when I’m “off.”

For the most part, my workouts are 35-40 minutes long but I take advantage and just have fun with workouts that are almost an hour long.

3:00pm: Blog at Starbucks, have a protein bar and get my third cup of coffee for the day. Since #Covid, I’ve been drinking three cups of coffee a day.wp-16009022929543219312076993599460.jpgI know, I know, but I’m trying to cut back to my two but it’s what helps me keep on keeping on. 😉 

5:00pm: Head back home to work on dinner/ meal prepping.wp-16053703216957801543856108184954.jpg6:30pm: Clean up the house and unwind for the night.

8:00pm: Bath, kombucha and a TV show. wp-16022020072233338060083347361479.jpgA friend recommended Suits to me (since I loved White Collar). So far I’m enjoying it.

9:30pm: Get into bed, maybe read and eventually doze off by 10:00pm the latest. 

There you have it!

A snippet into a mom “day off” for me.

I love these days to recharge and get a ton of things done that way when I’m with my kids I am more present. ❤

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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