What I Eat In A Day.

I did a “what I eat in a day” post not too long ago.

I’m often hesitant to share because let’s be honest, my meals get pretty boring and repetitive.

Call me boring but I like repetitive. 😉

I’m still currently intermittent fasting (“IF” for short) on most day, unless I have a sudden desire to make cookies at 10:00pm at night.

Any who, before breakfast even is a thought, I typically drink a cup of coffee [or two] about an hour after I wake up.wp-16013063733874728727180161389576.jpgRight now, this coffee is my current favorite.

Pre-breakfast, 9:30am: Spoonful of fat. 😉 wp-16038968160329147029049662339948.jpgI’ve been doing this since about February and I’ve noticed a huge different in my appetite, energy levels and also how my stomach feels.

I am an NO expert on the subject, but I know some do bulletproof coffee or some other form of fat first thing.

Breakfast, 11:00am: Still my usual yogurt bowl.wp-16038968183043972533097158622287.jpgIn the mix: Special K’s ancient grain cereal, Fage plain 0% Greek yogurt, berries, hemp and pumpkin seeds.

On occasion, I’ll do a piece of multi-grain bread.

#allthecarbsplease 😉

Snack#1: A protein “truffle” or two. wp-16051045615811960075683054241577.jpgLunch, 2:00pm: Lunch is typically leftovers.wp-16038969985872291587687698571126.jpgI try to meal prep at some point during the weekend that way I can just put together a random meal, which are my favorite.

I always have potatoes and ground turkey cooked up in the fridge, so whatever else I have on hand, I mix it in.

Snack #2: Non-GMO Popcorn and dark chocolate chips.wp-16050690918832841510140336177397.jpgTypically, I get this popcorn from Target since it’s only $2.49 for this whole bag. So good!

Dinner, 6:00pm: Chicken sausage, potatoes and green beans.wp-16038969993931769164110519674864.jpgI recently found this chicken sausage (it was sent to me as a turkey sausage substitute). For those who don’t know, I do have a mild chicken allergy but if I take a benadryl, it lessens the symptoms.

Surprisingly, this brand of chicken sausage actually doesn’t even bother me much (in terms of symptoms).

If you’be been following for a while, you’ll remember I used to gravitate towards more vegetarian dishes, but since Covid happened, I found that I started eating more meat.

Nothing wrong with meat, but for me personally, I feel better on a vegetarian diet.

And there you have it.

A snippet of what I eat in a day.

Boring? Maybe, but it works for me.

Ever since I lost weight I found if I stick to a similar routine of meals, it helps me stay accountable.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week. 🙂

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