[Re]Focusing On Me.

I’ll be honest, I used to get very angry when people would tell me since I was separated from my ex, I show now just focus on “myself.” 

I had no idea what that meant really. I was too busy being angry; angry at my ex, angry at the world and angry with myself.

But then a couple of months ago I heard this quote somewhere (paraphrasing a bit); “anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”

It doesn’t hurt anyone but YOU.

I realized, the problem wasn’t him anymore – it was me. I needed to work on myself and focus on moving on. I started by thinking “what do I really like to do?”

What did I do before kids and marriage?

I used to blog [a lot], cook, go to the gym, read and explore new places.

This was one of the reasons I started the Simple Habits course; I wanted to get back to my passion of blogging and writing.

I needed somewhere to start to create better habits that focused on me.wp-16030314009975935113626737115528.jpgAs I found myself devoting more time to blogging, I started feeling more like my “old self again.” I started going to Starbucks on my “off” days from the kids to blog and/or read.wp-16032376549136312048742275853497.jpgRecently, I joined the gym. After joining the gym, I got inspired to do some workout videos for YouTube and work on updating my HIIT guide.wp-1603896816384804129889956310596.jpgMy point?

It was a positive chain reaction; the more I did things I loved, the more like myself I felt and the more I found myself moving on.

I find myself listening more to music I enjoy. wp-16040272786865193672075448447157.jpgI’ve been enjoying taking more baths to relax. wp-16030313992838934467479782195306.jpgBefore I would find the process of putting a bath together too time consuming, now, I enjoy the process.

I also don’t force myself to read anymore like I used to. wp-16030217504302912373301697451843.jpgIf I get to read great, if not, life goes on.

And you know what? I actually read MORE this way.

I didn’t realize how powerful making little changes and building small habits overtime would have such a huge impact on my mental health.

Slow growth is truly the way to go.

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