Fitness Routine [Fall/ Winter 2020]

So, I caved.

I ended up re-signing up for my gym membership last week. I typically like to hold out until November to re-join, but I have been itching to get back.wp-16037569330022057971684473883546.jpgI’ve been tweaking my HIIT guide and my strength has been increasing over the past month or so.

I noticed my weights are not cutting it; for example from 10 lbs, I am definitely ready for 12’s or 15’s for certain moves, etc. 

I’ve also been mixing in my YouTube workouts at the gym as well. Eventually I’ll throw in some barbell and cable work. wp-16037570079068582946233226878272.jpgI wasn’t sure how I’d like working out with a mask, but I’ve been loving it.

I feel out of breath faster (obviously) and get sweatier. It reminds me of working out in the shed in the summer where the temperature is practically 100 degree plus.wp-15839420056812117167136089168325.jpgI decided to update my fitness routine, since I’m incorporating the gym into it now. Here’s a sample of what my fitness routine currently looks like:

Mondays: Bodyweight HIIT [Virtual HIIT Guide]


WednesdaysGlute Activation + Lower Body Strength

Thursdays: Back & Biceps HIIT [Virtual HIIT Guide]

Fridays: Rest

Saturday: Upper Body Strength [Shoulder & Tricep Focus]

Sundays: Legs, Glutes & Back Strength

For the most part it looks like the above layout; focusing on strength three times a week and cardio/ HIIT workouts two times a week vs. the layout from the summer.

Also, stay tuned on YouTube for a NEW workout Mondays in November.

Have a great weekend y’all and happy Halloween!

*Disclaimer: Please be mindful that this is my OWN personal workout. Before beginning any fitness routine, please consult your health care provider.

For more of my workouts, click HERE.

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