Past Memories.

When my husband and I first separated officially last year, I went through our wedding box and got rid of 80% of any “memories.”

I ended up saving some items in case we got back together. There were some items I saved for our children, as no matter what we are both still their parents. wp-16032376543998080702105171825943.jpgThere were also a few things I just couldn’t part with yet.

A few weeks ago I finally took the plunge to get rid of those items. The only things I saved were the best photos, the rings, my wedding dress and my daughter’s dress.

I don’t think the twins would be too interested in our wedding items (maybe they might), but I know my oldest will as she was apart if it.wp-16032376596233115780498636803272.jpgShe will also remember a time when mom and dad lived together.

I look at things from her perspective; would I want to see these items? I know that I would have been very curious.

 Those items are apart of our family history.wp-15860034945253759876637652637957.jpgAgain, no matter what, their dad and I are their parents; we are their family. 

I am not sure where I was headed as I started writing this post.wp-16032376563653610512811025260137.jpgAs time goes on, I find that certain things are getting easier while others are are tough. At night my oldest is struggling with bedtime and why dad is “not there.” 

For those who don’t know, he works for Amazon.

Peak season is around the corner and hours are getting longer. Even if we were together, he wouldn’t even be home by bedtime.wp-16032376552933272498966437900827.jpgShe’s starting to question why mom lives in one house and dad in another.

It’s tough to explain to her, but I know overtime things will become easier and it will just seem like second nature. wp-16032376588415976202668551650880.jpgAs they say, time heals all. ❤

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