Fall “Day In The Life”

The last time a shared a “day in the life” post was almost a year ago.

Today I am sharing what a fall “day in the life” looks like with a hybrid kindergartner and [almost three year old] twins. wp-15998408948733328637735368893745.jpg6:45am: I try to wake up by this time [the latest] so I can get my oldest ready for school which starts at 8:15am. She is typically already awake and dressed for school.

7:00am: She’ll brush her teeth (with the twins) then make her bed. wp-15994266738413603128104179914146.jpgAfter, the kiddos will usually play, read or color for a bit before breakfast.

7:15am: Make my coffee and relax for a bit. wp-16013063733874728727180161389576.jpg7:25am: Breakfast.

Sometimes I get fancy and make muffins (typically Fridays).wp-16018104665107028502740453017033.jpg8:00am: Their dad comes to pick up my oldest and drops her off at school (for 8:15am) on his way to work. This has worked so well for us and makes getting her ready for school a bit easier.

8:30am: Clean up the kitchen from breakfast, make the twin’s bed and tidy anything else in the house.wp-15994266749512404380741594163282.jpg9:00am: Outdoor play with the twins and some computer time.wp-16018104675531798960940507018758.jpg9:45am: Workout.

10:40am: Head out to pick up my oldest.wp-16013063724206421626265333992874.jpg11:00am: Play in the little field area across school for a bit before we head back home.

11:45am: Lunch time.

1:30pm-3:00pm: Live remote learning session plus school assignments. Sometimes the twins will nap during this time, which helps. wp-16012255519543661896919910085028.jpgFor the most part, if they happen to be awake, they’ll watch a show quietly in the living room.

3:00pm: Snack, outdoor play and “school ends” for the day. If the weather isn’t so great, we’ll typically do crafts or play-doh.wp-16018104687712584240113144352309.jpg5:00pm: Dinner time.

6:00pm: Begin working on my night routine.wp-16023444282227165601274596538782.jpgMy nighttime routine really hasn’t changed since last year except the kids are usually in bed now between 7:30 and 7:45pm.wp-1600794850876557640472426505499.jpgMy oldest also picks out her clothes the night before. It’s bittersweet to see her grow and become more independent.

#momlife 😉

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