October Favorites.

I’m loving these chilly days upon us.

I know not everyone is a fall lover like me, but autumn is simply the best.wp-16022017692247485059815215263991.jpgFor today’s post, I’ll be sharing some of my current favorites (mixing in some from last month as well). 

Fall Farmhouse Candle: I spotted this fall candle at Walmart. It honestly reminds me of Bath and Body’s sweater weather one.wp-1601042487745887827873410499786.jpgEvery time I would go back, I’d always end up with the “last one.” wp-16023444277483150704979040557529.jpgI know I shared this blue ‘Fall Night Long’ candle in my fall vibes post, but I”m just as obsessed.wp-16018104675531798960940507018758.jpgSimple Habits Course: I shared a whole blog post on my thoughts so far on the course, which you can check out HERE.wp-16007019950644486014629042810725.jpgI started the course since I wanted to work on building back a consistent routine with blogging (and getting ahead on posts).

The course is helping me accomplish just that.

Lightly by Francine Jay: I loved her first book The Joy of Less. wp-16021995448482336805736527475880.jpg It’s one of the top five books I recommend to people on minimalism and simple living.  Naturally, I had to read another book by her. I am only a few chapters in but so far, I am enjoying it.

Dollar Tree Fall Decor: I got this ‘thankful’ sign last year, but they are back with them again. wp-16021995444421093066524040225249.jpgThis year, I ended up getting the ‘Hello Autumn” one to add to my collection. I love that they look a bit more high end, but they are only one dollar.wp-16023491828186295591249882623004.jpgAlong with the signs, I spotted these glasses. wp-16022020065046023648853112309601.jpgI don’t have actual glassware since I like to use mason jars. I figured for when my parents come (or the occasional guest), to spare them from having to use mason jars.

Plus they have pumpkins, so a win-win all around. 😉

There you have it!

Some of my favorites of the last month (or so).

Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend. Let me know in the comments what is your current favorite “Fall” item. 

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