Thoughts So Far On IWT.

I was going to wait until I finished the book to do a review…

But I wanted to share some of my initial thoughts on I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

The first thing I that grabbed my attention was Ramit asking “what does your rich life look to you?”

He asks “what is something you enjoy spending money on and imagine you could quadruple it?” I’ll be honest, it took me days to think this through.wp-16008726508561520378935004765931.jpgBut then I realized I really enjoy spending money on candles.

Like, really enjoy.

If I were able to buy more, I’d not only get them more often but I’d try different stores and scents instead of getting what I know.

If you would had asked me pre-Covid, it probably would have been Starbucks. wp-16009022929543219312076993599460.jpg#coffeeaddict 😉

I like that he says what one person feels is their “rich life” another may not. Ramit enjoys paying for convenience and clothing; I don’t really care for either.

It reminds me of when people tell me I need to get a bigger house, but I am very content with my small house. To me, I have my “rich life” there.deck_2Eventually I’d love to travel and explore more as the kids get older and work towards being completely debt free by 40.wp-1600384103796517650357932688775.jpgI’m currently 32 years old.

I know how much debt I have but I never thought to really look into actual pay off dates. I have this one credit card with a bit over 5k in debt and I usually pay a bit more than the minimum each month.

But I used Bank Rate looked at calculating credit card debt pay off. I was able to plug in numbers and see if “I wanted to pay off the credit card in X amount of years, I’d have to pay X amount a month.”

It showed me that it wasn’t impossible to pay it off sooner than I expected. I was hoping to have it paid off [along with three other cards] over the next five years.

Now I should be able to pay it all off within three years.

That felt uplifting.

I’ve had to read some chapters over to grasps some of the concepts. Currently on the conscious spending chapter and once I finish the book and feel good to do a review on it, I’ll share some more of my thoughts.

If you need a book on finance, I definitely recommend I Will Teach You To Be Rich.wp-15964573842103666923326146472690.jpgI’ve watched YouTube videos and listened to various podcast on finance gurus and I really liked a lot of Ramit’s approach (hence me purchasing the book).

If you have a finance guru, podcast or book that you recommend, please let me know in the comments below.

Have a great weekend y’all!

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