Fall Vibes.

The evenings are cooling here in New Hampshire.wp-15999418323682379478697729359802.jpgIt’s been in the low 50’s at night and I’ve been loving it.

I recently went to Target to pick up a few items for the kiddos. Naturally, I ended up with things not on my list, like this welcome mat.wp-15994266735226354365733577328060.jpgI also spotted this candle and had to get it. Call me weird, but I really love the smell of a campfire.wp-15994266758811046021328451674086.jpg There’s just something about the fall and black nail polish for me. It even pairs really nice with my leaf ring.wp-15994266755122982583270115178615.jpgMaybe it’s because I used to dress up as a witch [pretty much] every Halloween or maybe it’s because I had a Gothic phase?

Who knows. 😉 

Last weekend, I unpacked all my sweaters and cleaned up my closet.wp-15994266729947038124774694169552.jpg Maybe I’m a bit too early, but here in New England it can get pretty chilly mid to end of September. wp-15994266726486837057036410502737.jpg[Side note, that “hello autumn” sign is from Dollar Tree.]

I’ve also done some rearranging [and decluttering] to simplify a few spaces in my home even more. I removed the desk from the bedroom and put it into the shed. wp-15997911679233224766357745961892.jpgI had to rearrange the shed since part of the floor cracked in the workout space when I dropped dumbbells really hard. wp-15997911674112867989461398739800.jpg#fail

Both the “new” workout space and bedroom feel more open.wp-15998408953557934187463523100559.jpgIn the living room, I removed the TV stand and moved the black shelf in its place. I just love the feel of the space so much more. wp-15999419747982974702833305936723.jpgI also put the rug back, which is something I do as fall approaches. 

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. 

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