I recently took a trip to New York; just me and my oldest.wp-15994276703442874164885188944594.jpgTo be honest, I just needed a break from the norm. It’s hard to believe that the fall is almost here, but I am highly excited for sweater weather.wp-15994276702534706311918024218086.jpgI surprised my mom with a stay at Bear Mountain. wp-15994276703914856378190946812132.jpgIt was kind of a “back to school” gift for her and my oldest (my mom’s a teacher for those who don’t know). wp-15990763944686856804405127085464.jpgIt was really nice to just spend time in nature and with “social distancing” in effect, there weren’t many people at the park to begin with. wp-1599427670718454996434738017622.jpgIt was heaven.wp-15991775710648115203054047186787.jpgAs an introvert it’s a dream to not have many people around.

Although, of course, I wish things were just back to normal.wp-15991775687818750285924637856795.jpgThis month I am planning a couple more “nature retreats” for myself.

I have a tiny house stay mid-September, which has been on my bucket list for the past two years.

I’ll share more after my stay.

Summer is not my jam, so I plan to take full advantage of the fall weather and get outdoors now that the temperature will be more comfortable.

To me anyways. 😉

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week. Good luck to anyone who is back [and going back] to school! 


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